Vision and mission statement

A sense of responsibility, independence, and self-reliance. For the Tyczka Group, these basic company principles mean detecting opportunities, weighing up risks, taking advantage of synergies, and seeking out innovative improvements.
We associate our aspiration to be among the best with a responsibility towards future generations, too. This conception of ourselves includes guaranteeing security of supply in the long term and protecting the environment.

  • We observe the law and regulations and are a reliable, ethical partner at all times.
  • We work together in an atmosphere of respect and trust.
  • We strive for equal opportunities and reject any kind of discrimination.

The following principles form the basis of our activity and constitute the common agreement of all companies in the Tyczka Group - including Tyczka Trading & Supply GmbH & Co. KG.

  • Our employees are the key to our success.
  • We put everything into making sure that our employees are able to contribute responsibly and with enthusiasm to the success of the company.
  • Our work together is characterized by mutual respect, trust, cooperation, open communicative behavior, transparency, and participation. We encourage open feedback. We agree upon clear, challenging, and realistic goals. We are driven forward by curiosity and a self-critical attitude.
  • We learn from our mistakes and turn them into future successes. Our employees and managers are chosen on the basis of the following skills: Knowledge, management skills, social skills, and behavior in line with our principles. As a rule, our specialists and managers are chosen from inside our own ranks.
  • We develop and maintain long-term, partnership-like relationships with our customers and business partners.
  • We impart enthusiasm through competence, reliability, and innovations, thus creating the basis for trusting and successful collaboration.
  • We create sustainable yields as the basis for ongoing, profitable growth.
  • Continuous and open information along with the observance of safety standards form the basis for trust. Sustained yields safeguard investment willingness and jobs.
  • Innovation is the basis of our top position in the market.

    Liquefied petroleum gas:

  • Tyczka Trading
  • Tyczka Polska
  • Tyczka TotalGaz

    Technical gases:

  • Tyczka Air Austria
  • Tyczka Industrie-Gas


  • Tyczka Gase