The Tyczka Group

As an independent, innovative company, we are continuously strengthening our market position. The objectives are to further develop and expand the business segments liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), (Tyczka Trading & Supply, Tyczka Polska and Tyczka Neue Gastechnik), as well as technical gases (Tyczka Industriegase and Tyczka Air Austria). We also focus on the areas of employee responsibility, product development and environmental protection.


    Liquefied petroleum gas:

  • Tyczka Trading
  • Tyczka Polska
  • Tyczka TotalGaz

    Technical gases:

  • Tyczka Air Austria
  • Tyczka Industrie-Gas


  • Tyczka Gase

Key figures:

  • Tyczka Neue Gastechnik was founded in Innsbruck in 1970
  • registered office: Kitzbühel
  • operational office: Innsbruck
  • trade and supply of liquefied petroleum gas
  • core markets: Austria, Slovenia, Italy